About Us

Who We Are

The Carpenter’s Shop Center is how to write a rhetorical analysis what is an abstract a faith based 501(c)(3) organization located in the old Arlington community of Jacksonville, Florida. Since 2005, the Center has been a guiding light to underserved school age children, youth and families. Serving over 120 school age children and youth year round, The Carpenter’s Shop Centers’ after school how to write a rhetorical analysis what is an abstract and summer camp programs prepare students for real-world success and academic achievement through a variety of STEM-based educational and enrichment programs delivered with an emphasis on positive youth development.

Mission & Vision


A faith based organization providing programs and services that empower and educate underserved children and families so they can lead responsible, productive lives


To be a guiding light in helping children, youth and families realize their potential with futures filled with hope, stability and self-fulfillment

Our Origin

We’re proud of our history working within the Arlington community as a faith-based organization.  The Carpenter’s Shop originally operated as a community church in 1995. In 2001, we saw a need to get “latchkey” children off the streets, so a small 3 day a week after school program was started as an outreach of the church. Soon after, we incorporated as The Carpenter’s Shop Center to focus full-time on promoting the intellectual, social, physical and spiritual development of children, youth and families.  Faith and love inspired us to support our community. Faith can heal and build, protect, empower and carry on.  The thing faith does best is motivate. It motivates people to do the things that lead to healing and to building, to protection, empowerment and perseverance, even when all seems lost.  This philosophy fuels our passion to motivate every student who comes through our doors to live life to their fullest capacity.

Our Timeline

What Sets Us Apart?

Committed to Arlington

Cheryl Wilder, the founder/CEO has a passion for the Arlington community; a community where she was born, raised and values kinship and close ties. We are here to give back to the community the skills and experiences we’ve learned and we stay because of family and connections.

Strong Family Engagement

This agency’s after school and summer learning program brings parents, students, schools and communities together.  Monthly volunteering from parents and families ensures buy-in for the success of the students. This combined effort helps to create a foundation for a positive youth culture that values learning and provides the safe and supportive environment for children to realize their full potential.  

Exceptional Staff

Our nurturing and highly trained staff have over 50 years of teaching experience and 50% hold teaching degrees. With low turnover, our core staff have been together over 12 years. Our highly trained staff are able to mentor new teachers to ensure that we maintain our high standards. Peer coaching and professional development training keeps our team growing and learning just as we expect from our students.


Aggregate numbers since the beginning of TCSC in 2001

       Over 450 non-duplicated students served

       Over 1,800 total impact of children, youth and fami

Key Results for school year 2017-2018

       260 students served

       85% of our middle schoolers are on target to graduate high school

       50%  parent engagement

       98% of students show increase in positive behaviors

Center Demographics

       99% of students are on free or reduced lunch.

       68% of students are from single family home

Honors & Recognition

       2017- TCSC received the top score for the ESC-0465-17 grant bid for the city of Jacksonville

       5 star rating with Kids Hope Alliance

       Licensed with the Department of Children and Families

       Certificate of Achievement for Averaging Mastery on the Contract Compliance Tool for 2017-2018

Certificate of Achievement for Averaging 3.66 on the Program Quality Assessment for 2017-2018

Founding CEO

Cheryl Wilder has devoted her life to serving children, youth and families in the underserved community of Arlington. She completed her Bachelor’s degree and Master of Education degree at Jacksonville University. Her career has afforded her the opportunity to work as an elementary teacher, organist and music director, pastor, and founder of The Carpenter’s Shop Center.   Cheryl currently serves as founding CEO of the faith-based nonprofit, The Carpenter’s Shop Center, Inc. Cheryl Wilder is a native of Jacksonville and resides in Jacksonville with her husband, Clint. They have three adult children and one grandson.